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you know you love me

Sarah ♥ ♪
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&hearts ; twenty year old. living in england. is taken by the most amazing guy. loving every minute of her life. law student. wonderful family. amazing friends.

♥ ; going out. MAC cosmetics. spending time with her boyfriend. clubbing. seeing friends. shopping. fashion. socialising. drinking. being with her family. gucci. laughing. makeup. talking. facebook. chinese food. taking photos. dancing till the early hours. travelling. new york. starbucks. sunglasses. sunny days. heels. nights in with the besties. wine. italian food. mulberry. chanel.

&hearts ; the hills. 24. arctic monkeys. kid cudi. rihanna. timberland. bloc party. dance music. friends. ugly betty. desperate housewives. kaiser chiefs. dexter. david guetta. greys anatomy. pigeon detectives. skins. gossip girl. keeping up with the kardashians. kourtney and khloe take miami.